MEET THE MAKER | Tenth & Pine

MEET THE MAKER | Tenth & Pine

Kerynn is the Owner + Creator of Tenth & Pine
Having Stage 4 Endometriosis, Kerynn was given a less than 1% chance of ever conceiving naturally. Magically 10 years later, to her surprise she was pregnant! Once miracle baby Ezra Jade was born, Kerynn began loving all things baby; clothing, accessories, and anything unique that wasn't easily found in stores. 
As a SAHM with a Masters in Business, she decided to create a shop that made it easier for anyone to buy for kids. Tenth & Pine is changing the way you shop for Littles by creating gender neutral, USA made, organic, eco- friendly collections. 
No more searching boy/girl sections!
You can find timeless pieces to pass down from one babe to the next, regardless if it's a boy or girl!
    Based out of Los Angeles, California.
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      With Love <3
      Kerynn + Ezra




      Hi! I’m Anna, I’ve lived all over the US but decided to plant my roots in Austin, TX. I’ve been very active on social media since my son was born 3 years ago and became smitten with Tenth & Pine from the start! So it is a dream to work with Kerynn and her amazing shop! 
      I am the wholesale representative for Tenth and Pine, so if you are a shop, Hi! It’s me you’ve been talking to! I also help with Facebook marketing and promos, as well as newly designing tees for our exclusive collection!



      Hi! I'm Avery. I am Kerynn's sister in law and I recently moved from NJ to CA to pursue my Masters of Social Work Degree. 

      I've been completely amazed by Kerynn's passion and dedication for Tenth & Pine, since the very beginning. When the opportunity arose for me to begin working for her, I was honored. I love helping her as much as I can in all aspects and watching the business grow.



      Hi! I'm Monique, I moved from NJ to Los Angeles to pursue my Masters Degree in Social Work. I've known Kerynn for many years and have seen the amazing growth that Tenth & Pine has shown. It's a pleasure to be able to work for such a great person!

      I assist with inventory management, making sure pieces are in stock & ready to ship! I also assist around the office and shipping your orders! 



      Hi I'm Corisa, I currently live in Washington State. I came across Tenth & Pine after my second daughter was born and instantly fell in love with the brand. It has been such a joy to watch this shop grow and I am so honored with the opportunity to work with Kerynn and her shop! I assist with Instagram management.



      Hello there! I’m Julie. I live in Pennsylvania with my family. I obtained a BFA in Art Education and I am currently an art teach in NJ. Kerynn and I grew up in the same area, where we got to know each other through my younger sister. I fell in love with Tenth & Pine when I was pregnant with my daughter. 
      I have the pleasure of seeing all of your littles wearing Tenth & Pine on social media. I help market our brand using the wonderful world of Pinterest and Instagram.