MEET THE MAKER | Kentucky Hug

MEET THE MAKER | Kentucky Hug

Spirited Apparel for Bourbon Drinkers by Bourbon Drinkers.

For those who wear Kentucky on their sleeve. Literally.

Bourbon. Horses. Heritage. Beauty everywhere you look. That’s Kentucky. Likewise, that’s what Kentucky Hug® apparel is all about. Those who love this state want it. And wear it.

Every design tells a story.

Typical Kentucky flag patterns and cliché sayings? No way. There’s all kinds of history and depth in everything we do. We don’t just look cool, we go deeper. Our designs are inspired by Kentucky bourbon country and printed in Lexington, KY.

What’s in a name? Everything.

So why Kentucky Hug®? Simple really. On a 40th birthday Kentucky Bourbon Trail tour, we couldn’t help but notice that every distillery told us about that warm Kentucky hug you get with your first sip of bourbon. From that, a company was born, complete with a logo suite and brand identity inspired by the whiskey and warmth that make this state one of a kind.